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Love to the Uttermost

Posted on 3/15/2016
By: Tina Tomlins

Middle School Devotion

Middle School Devote-a-thon Devotion is available here!

Posted on 2/1/2016
By: Brian Pugh

Media Server Problems

Please forgive us as we have lost the majority of our archived Sermons. For more information click here.

Posted on 8/1/2015
By: Brian Pugh

Guest Speakers

Join us Thursday & Friday at the JW Fellowship Conference on the Holy Spirit and listen to guest speakers Richard Rhodes and Rev. Matt Henson.

Posted on 4/15/2015
By: Brian Pugh

Easter Sunday

Join us for a continental breakfast between services on Easter Sunday!

Posted on 4/3/2015
By: Thomas Eckhardt

Come Join Us Palm Sunday!

Join us Sunday morning as we celebrate Palm Sunday with an explanation and demonstration of the Passover Seder Meal with Jewish missionary Chaim Birnbaum.

Posted on 3/25/2015
By: Brian Pugh

Plumbline is coming back!

Plumbline Ministries is returning for our March EGS with "Walking in Your Destiny"!

Posted on 3/12/2015
By: Brian Pugh

Beginnings in the Prophetic - Part 2

In the second of this two part series, Pastor Jim Hawkins continues his insights into his personal journey of learning how to hear God's voice in all aspects of our lives.

Posted on 1/19/2015
By: Brian Pugh

JWF Conferece on the Holy Spirit

Listen online to the sessions from the "John Wesley Fellowship" Conference on the Holy Spirit 2014

Posted on 4/11/2013
By: Brian Pugh

Harvest Time - Evangelism Teaching Series - Jarod Schilling

Harvest Time - Evangelism Teaching Series By Jarod Schilling

Posted on 2/20/2013
By: Brian Pugh

2013 Kingdom Memory Verses

Kingdom Memory Verses

Posted on 10/22/2012
By: Tina Tomlins

Volunteers Needed

Sound Techs and Video Techs, needed!

Posted on 8/10/2011
By: Bradley Epworth

We have a Twitter Account and a Facebook Business Page!

Just Click here!

Posted on 7/23/2009
By: Tina Tomlins

Good Search is great way to raise money for Bradley Epworth Church

GoodSearch is a great website that donates money every time you use their websearch! $97.00 was raised for Bradley Epworth from our members using this service in 2009!

Posted on 6/5/2009
By: Tina Tomlins
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