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Two weeks ago during the first service Brian from Plumbline Ministries offered prayer for those with breathing difficulties. I have COPD and have battled the breathing issue for years. I have been on a maintenance inhaler twice a day and a rescue inhaler for whenever I do anything strenuous.  After his prayer we had two different snowfalls.  Usually when I go out to shovel snow as soon as I come in I have to use my rescue inhaler to catch my breath.  But these last two times of shoveling snow I had no need for the rescue inhaler.  I have even cut my maintenance inhaler down to once a day and not even sure I need it then.

Praise God for answered prayer.  

Posted on 3/12/2015
By: Thomas Eckhardt
(309) 673.1330
1316 W Columbia Terrace | Peoria, IL 61606

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